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Welcome to JJCelery's online repository of ramblings, opinions and observations, projects, art, music and literature and other stuffs she likes.

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Art on Drugs - about Bryan Lewis Saunders and Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz (Witkacy)

I stumbled upon an article written on Cultso about Bryan Lewis Saunders, an artist who had decided to paint a series of self-portraits on drugs.

He describes his project as follows:

“After experiencing drastic changes in my environment, I looked for other experiences that might profoundly affect my perception of the self. So I devised another experiment where everyday I took a different drug and drew myself under the influence. Within weeks I became lethargic and suffered mild brain damage. I am still conducting this experiment but over greater lapses of time. I only take drugs that are given to me.”

This is the one I enjoyed the most, created under influence of 10mg of Loritab:
10mg Loritab

Earliest Memory

I'm too small, I can't reach the shelf.

I'm in the small room, mum is in the kitchen, cooking, the door to the living room is open and I'm trying to reach a book on the shelf before me, but I'm not tall enough. I get a little stool; yes, this should do.

I reach for the book and slide it out - it's a story book with strange pictures. There's a woman on a barren field under the dark sky standing, wrapped entirely in white paper except for the face. The book is missing the cover and a few pages, but I'm not here for it. I reach into the gap the book left in the shelf and retrieve a cheese sandwich.

I'm dismayed to see that the cheese has shrunk and became hard and oily, the bread is dry and the butter smells funny. I poke my finger through a hole in the cheese.

The story - How I broke my Western Digital MyBook Essential

Some time ago now I have purchased a Western Digital MyBook Essential. My first impressions were good: the drive was quiet, fast and did what it said on the tin. However, I only got 6-9 months of use out of it.

As one does occasionally, I was upgrading Windows on my laptop from Win Vista to Win 7. I prepared for the upgrade by backing up all my data to the WD HDD. It made perfect sense, right? Normally I would have a copy of all my important files in two places, one on the drive in the laptop, one on the external drive. However, during the upgrade, for about 2 hours, I had exactly one copy of all my important things.The moment when I finished installing Windows 7 I resolved to restore the important data back onto my laptop.

This is when the nightmare started.