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Welcome to JJCelery's online repository of ramblings, opinions and observations, projects, art, music and literature and other stuffs she likes.

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Celery is growing her own veggies and herbs

[Edit - first photo included!]

I have always wanted to grow my own herbs and vegetables but I never had the time and space to do so. Now that I'm between jobs and the apartment is big enough to accommodate my efforts, I have decided to start growing things.

This is not the right time of the year to be growing new plants, but I knew that if I didn't start now, I probably never would.

Weight Watchers - Weigh In and what followed

Last Wednesday I went to the Weight Watchers meeting again, got weighed in.

I was very apprehensive about the whole Weight Watchers thing, I didn't really believe it would work. But I did what they said in the booklet, stuck to my points and, surprise! I lost 2kg. That's 4.4 lbs.

(For those who never had to think about loosing weight, the general consensus is that loosing anywhere between 0,5kg to 1kg a week is healthy and good. Anything above that is awesome.)

Celery has joined the Weight Watchers

Last Wednesday I became a Weight Watchers member.

I know what you're thinking. You're imagining me, waddling from the couch to the fridge, barely fitting through the door. I promise, it's nothing like this. I wear size 12. I'm medium height. You could say that I'm pretty much average. Still, according to my BMI (Body Mass Index) I am, and have been for a while, overweight.