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Welcome to JJCelery's online repository of ramblings, opinions and observations, projects, art, music and literature and other stuffs she likes.

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Mutate your Keyring

I have been always fascinated by all the stuff that you can carry with you on the keyring. While my own keyring is nothing more but a threaded shackle that my dad gave me (he's a sailing instructor) with a bunch of keys on it. I like the simplicity of this solution, and the fact that the shackle adds weight and changes the sound that the keys make making it easier to find them and harder to forget.

Still, there are a few keyring additions that I would like to have - but probably one at the time:


Can Can Recycle (Itself)

Can a can recycle itself? Yes it can. Only it would take some 50 years.

Saw this video on Discovery this morning and I was mesmerised:

Birthday Wishlist - Updated

It's my birthday this week.

There will be no celebrations, mind you. Nothing of the sort. Maybe a glass of wine or something but that's about it.

There is also just one item on my birthday wishlist: I want a job. Preferably in one of the following locations: greater Dublin area, Ireland; Geneva or Vaud canton of Switzerland; south of France.

If I have a job I can then go on and buy anything else that I might want, like a sewing machine, 4GB of memory for my laptop, set of Letraset Tria Markers, some books perhaps. So all I really want is a job.

Or in the worst case scenario, if I don't get one, a time machine would have to do.


I'm starting my new job next Tuesday.

Thank you! Have some cake.