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Amelie Soundrack - a piece of music that breaks my heart.

[updated: media player now works... ;) ]

I've got new neighbours upstairs. They must be nice people because they were listening to the Amelie Soundrack the other day, loud enough for me to hear it downstairs *.

Still, Amelie being one of those movies that move me to the core, the music has invoked slightly unpleasant feeling of being misplaced and guilty of not doing the right things with my life. I sat down, had a coffee, a cigarette and a few tears.

Gosh, I never thought that the fight with the universe will take so much out of me. I never thought I will have anything to regret. Fuck this, I will make my promises to myself true. I will move to my spot in the world. I will have an attelier, I will paint, I will make myself independent of all this consumerism rubbish and everything that comes with it. I will be free one day I'll show you! Soon, my dear heart, soon the pain will be gone.

For your listening pleasure and limited time only, La Noyee by Yann Tiersen from Amelie Soundrack

* I thought they were sophisticated. Darn. They are French.


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