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Go baby, go baby, don't upset the beetles

I had another one of those weird lucid dreams recently. A huge beetle (I'd say about a meter long) was climbing up my black skinny jeans while I was sitting on a chair in my old room, back home. It's legs were armed with hooks that made it easier for it to climb up; it was making a screechy sound and I was absolutely paralyzed with fear.

It looked like this, only golden and huge:

The radio was on and the song on was "Don't upset the Beetles" *

"Don't upset the beetles though
Don't upset this beetle
Don't upset the beetles though
Don't upset this beetle

The time is right
The sun is sleeping in the sky
Free your mind
You never know what you might find

What's your vice?
You know he won't compromise
So let me show you
Something super beautiful

Let's rock the boat
The nature is unstoppable
For on the floor
It's the beetle you've been waiting for

Pure delight
Kick, snare, hat ride
It's all up to you
And whatever you do
Don't cut into his action
Four, three, two, one

Go baby, go baby go
Don't upset the beetle though
Go baby, go baby go
Don't upset that beetle... "

Weird, huh?
*Adapted from "Don't Upset the Rhythm" by Noisettes


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