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I don't care about things like that

About five years ago I installed the internet in my father's girlfriend's house. They both use computers, but they preferred not to have anything to do with it at the time.

The internet connection had to be password protected. The password reminder query read "What is your favourite colour?". I asked B. what was her favourite colour. "I don't care about things like that" she responded. That's what I typed in.

Some two weeks ago I came across the password and the password reminder query scribbled down on a yellow post-it note. I smiled. Sorted trough some documents. The post it probably landed in the bin. Or some safe place - impossible to find.

Today my dad called. "Listen. You made a mess. You installed the internet and asked B. what was her favourite colour and now she doesn't remember what it was."

"I don't care about things like that" I responded.

He didn't understand.


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