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Légion étrangère

-What was the message you sent me this morning about?
-It's pretty simple, I want to know if you would wait for me five years from now.
-But what for?
-Well I can't tell you until you answer me.
-Then no, I wouldn't.
-I wanted to join the French Foreign Legion.
-Légion étrangère, you know.
-I always wanted to.
-I just always wanted to.
-You always wanted to join the army?
-No, specifically the Legion.
-But that's the army!
-I know!
-But it's tough!
-And that's why!
-But it's really tough!
-I know!!!
-Oh for goodness sake, you won't wait for me so I'm not going so what's the point!
-In five years I will be like 51 or 52. And you will be different, you will change. And especially with the legion...
-But one thing will not change about me...
-...I will still love you.
-Look, I'll call you later.


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