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Fairy Godfather

The gender inequality and gender bias are issues that have been talked about to death. Many of my friends think that the problem is mostly resolved and frequently don't believe me when I talk about my experiences with gender bias, which for me - a woman whose interests and career are still seen as those more suitable to a man - are a daily frustration.

Gender bias is omnipresent and if you don't believe me, I'll illustrate it for you:

This is a Fairy washing-up liquid inviting one to be a Fairy Godmother in support of the Make a Wish foundation. Most people will probably see nothing wrong with this packaging, until pointed out: this is advertising on a washing up liquid bottle targeted solely towards women. Women are Godmothers - men are Godfathers, that alone is obvious. Women wash-up, men don't - that's what is the message.

I invite you to ponder for just a little moment about the images those words bring to your mind: Godmother and Godfather.

Godmother or even Fairy Godmother, brings to mind Disney princesses.
Godfather brings to mind Vito Corleone.

What if the bottle said Fairy Godfather instead? What would be the picture in your mind then? This is the one that came to my mind:

Hilarious, right? :)

Thus, we are left with a question: why does the Fairy Godmother on a washing-up liquid seems so normal, but a Fairy Godfather not so much?

SysAdmin Sociability Index

A friend of mine posted this on FB:

"Bringing a sysadmin to a social event"
Bringing a sysadmin to a social event

While generally accurate, more complex calculations are required. It is my belief, that each social event has its own SysAdmin Sociability Index, SASI. SASI is calculated as follows:

P/(I *φ) = SASI

P - amount of Pints the given sysadmin is able to handle before getting obnoxiously drunk
I - amount of people (Idiots) in the target group that have no clue what you're talking about
φ - amount of pints required to tolerate one such person

A sysadmin will be perceived as sociable by the target group as long as the SASI is greater than 1.

In some cases you should also add an affordability modifier, where the P is reduced to the amount of pints sysadmin can afford during that social event.

External HDD dilemma - a follow-up

I wrote recently about my external HDD dillema: capacity vs portability. This week I noticed that a new Western Digital HDD has appeared on Pixmania.com, one of my favourite online stores. It's a MyPassport Essential edition with 1TB capacity.

Spare Cigarette - a mythical object

If you are a smoker you would have noticed how frequently you are asked for a Spare Cigarette. While most of my smoking friends willingly give away some cigarettes from their own packets, I never do. I know that this cigarette that I am giving away will be the very same one I will be cursing that I no longer have once cash runs out. It will be that cigarette that I will crave for at an ungodly hour of the morning when everything is closed. And above all it will never be a Spare Cigarette, it will be simple one of mine that I will not smoke.

WD MyBook Essential 1TB first impressions and the reasons why CDs and DVDs suck.

It finally arrived, day earlier than expected, my new external HDD.

First of all I was surprised how light it actually felt. Sure one kilo doesn't seem like much, but it was just simply lighter than I imagined. It was also a bit smaller than I imagined and above all SLEEEEEEK!!!! :> I was very happy to unpack it and set it on my desk.

Decluttering Efforts - Capacity VS Portability in external HDD dilemma.

Since I decided to de-clutter my apartment and my life I have soon found myself staring at piles and piles of CD's and DVD's that I had stashed in a nice box beside the TV and in columns on my desk. I have over 100 CDs and about 25 DVD's worth of backups and archives, never mind all the other stuff like movies and music. I also had a look at all the magazines that I want to have handy for reference (majority are Computer Arts and Computer Arts Projects)and piles of documents.

Improving French on the Web

I have been looking for ways to improve my French coming up to the exams that await me, specially my listening and reading skills. My grammar needs some work as well, but I find picking up the correct forms is the easiest when it's in an actual real life situation.

In all my research I have managed to forget about two obvious ways of improving French online.

How did your Saturday go?...


Screenshot of observations humidity 95%

Just five percent more and we would be driving submarines to work.


The treatment I got at Ultralase was much better than the way they have treated me at Optical Express. They have offered me tea or coffee when I arrived; I was early so I loitered about the reception area for a longer while and the general first impression was very good; none of the dingy darkness, none of the ripped armchairs. Staff was all friendly and nice including one Polish girl who took the time to chat with me while I was waiting for my appointment.

Greatly Unimpressed with Optical Express - Laser Eye Surgery Consultation

I was only late 10 minutes, I swear.