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Black Holes and Eternal Youth - Stephen Hawking's Universe

I was watching Stephen Hawkings’s Universe on TV the other day. This part of the series was about time travel, which I found very interesting. According to Stephen Hawking travelling in time to the past is not possible due to the paradoxes (risk of killing your own grandmother par excellence), but he does believe in time travel into the future.


I ate trough my internet allowance again and I didn't even notice when it went through the chargeable megabytes because I was downloading some stuff while watching men in tights on RTE TWO. In order to finish downloading I went to the local pub that I knew had free wifi.

They switched to bitbuzz. Bitbuzz is chargeable and you can only get the vouchers at the bar. The vouchers are for 20 minutes only.

Arsenal vs Manchester United - Roy Orbison in 3D

We had a chat at the office about the Sky News plan to air the first ever 3d sport event.

"Every three or some years 3D comes back with a vengance" R. said. "And I hate those glasses"
"They aren't that bad anymore," T. explained "they're sort of Roy - Orbison..."

I couldn't stop myself from imagining a pub full of Roy Orbison lookalikes.

Reward Systems

First of all, they say:

"Never tell anyone that you're writing a book, going on a diet, exercising, taking a course, or quitting smoking. They'll encourage you to death."
Lynn Johnston

Since this year I will be doing all of the above, I'm not telling you.

But one thing for sure, when it comes to the dieting, exercises and quitting smoking, even with these lovely patches, lozenges, chewing gums, running shoes, gym memberships, aqua aerobic, healthy shakes, food supplements and regular meals, there is something that all support programmes overlook.

Lost in Translation - Kurt Vonnegut’s “Cat’s Cradle”

I have learned some time ago that original and translated works are two completely different things and often, if not always, the original conveys something that escapes the translation. I enjoy nowadays reading in original books that I once read in Polish.

Over my short stay in Poland I had a chance to catch up with my older sister. We always got on very well and one evening while we were sitting in my dad’s favourite pub in the clouds of the cigarette smoke she quoted Kurt Vonnegut’s “Cat’s Cradle” and I liked it so much I wrote the quote down.
It said:

“Co to za kuchnia

That could be all I have!

"Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone you may still exist but you have ceased to live". Mark Twain

I find it appropriate to inform you that I have cultivated many illusions throughout my life.

They have been growing like mould on top of my head and now they have grown big enough to call me mommy and try to nick food of my plate when I eat. I have decided over past few days that I will stop being overprotective of them and I will let them take a physical form and walk among ye.

Remember I warned you: I will take no responsibility for any lunches going missing over next few days.