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Hot milk and the bread man's truck

I woke up this morning at 6:45 feeling miserable and wanting nothing else in the world but hot milk.

Hot milk is high up there on the list of my favourite drinks. It's the only reason I would ever consider buying a microwave. I love hot milk and hot milk loves me back. Hot hot hot. Yum yum yum.

Five years of Ireland

I was originally going to write about my changed attitude and feelings about things that have been happening to me. I was going to write about how indifferent I have become to obstacles and excrements that life has been throwing at me. I was going to write how it seems not to bother me anymore, and how not getting that job that I interviewed for was not the end of the world. But.

Today is the fifth anniversary of my arrival in Ireland.

I had plans.

I was going to go to Dun Laoghaire for a dinner and copious amounts of red wine with a friend.

Google Webmaster Tools - gotta love these search queries!

I'm trying to monitor my website's ranking in Google regularly. Not because I really care much, but because the search queries that my website comes up on always make me laugh. Today I nearly fell off a chair because of them. These are my top 10 favourites in order of average position in search:

  • niblefingers
  • super talent pico
  • elephants for sale
  • nearest future
  • buy machete
  • miracles
  • topsy the elephant
  • upset images
  • pregnant and paralyzed
  • you are so beautiful girl

Sure it's pathetic but that's the only thing that made me smile today.

Superstitions, Ladybugs, and actual luck

I'm not a superstitious person by any stretch. I have my little rituals and bunch of strange beliefs but they are usually backed up by at least a little bit of science or research. I don't believe that walking under a ladder is unlucky - unless one collapses on your head as you do - and I don't believe that dropping a spoon will bring hungry visitors. I don't believe in a lot of things people have a tendency to believe in.

Mind your manners - especially when you're around me.

I'm sitting in Martello this lovely afternoon, sipping a coffee and listening to the concert on the beach. I have my laptop with me and I'm reading some news, I'm alone at my table and there are three chairs that are not used.

A woman came by and took one without asking.

Dangers of little knowledge of simple chemistry

Whoever likes movies at all must have at least once seen The Fight Club.

If you are one of those people and paid enough attention you must have had noticed that there is a mention of making of nitroglycerin at home.

It's easy to make it in theory, but I have always thought that obtaining the basic elements that you need (especially nitric acid) would be rather difficult, never mind making sure that the reaction is safe - work with corrosive acids and bases is very dangerous - so I filed it under "curious" and forgot all about it.

Then I stumbled into instructions of obtaining nitric acid on You Tube.

I am seriously scared now. Knowledge, although beautiful, is a dangerous thing. Please don't blow me up, OK?

Ladybug bring me luck!

For the last few weeks I was doing some on and off jobs for an

Life changing moments v2 beta.

I wrote a note about friendship before and yet again I was proven right. I would certainly prefer not to be proven right all the time but seems that life has decided to kick me as much as it possibly can this year.

A "friend" of mine came up online today after nearly a year of silence. Last year I called him when he forgot my birthday for the first time in history; he promised to call again and never did. So we started to chat... and in the third line he informed me he was married.

True Love, Fidelity and Hugh Laurie

I've been kicking myself since the last weekend.

Those who know me know that I have very lucid dreams and that whenever I do dream I am aware that it's not real but I don't interfere with the dream scenario - it's like watching a really cool movie with me in it.

Last weekend I had another one of those. I was in Hollywood attending a party, during which I met Hugh Laurie who was there on his own - and so was I. After a few funny cocktails and a longer chat he invited me over to his hotel suite.

AND ACTION! - we are back online!

I'm sorry for the four days without my website.

Apparently I have exceeded the bandwidth for the month - how?! - and my website's been blocked!

I wasn't sure if I should be happy or sad, happy because it means there is enough of people reading me to crash trough the bandwidth, sad because for the moment I can't afford to upgrade to premium and my hosting company will suspend it over and over until I do.

Anyway the fact that the website was down doesn't mean that I took holidays, no, I have loads of new things to share with you, enough to make up for four days of silence!