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Volcanic Fuckin' Ash

I was supposed to fly to Nice last Thursday. We got to the airport. At 9:30 we went through security gates. At 9:35 our flight was cancelled. At 9:40 we got out of the secure area and went to queue to Aer Lingus gates. The airport was in chaos.

Friends will be Friends

My story on friendships is a truly miserable one. I've had friends in school and we grew apart - I wanted to change the world and they wanted to cut hair/sell ice-cream/marry a Spanish guy. I had friends outside of school and we grew apart. There's only so many differences that alcohol and video games can compensate. Then I had friends that were supposed to have same interests and goals, but they couldn't reach my higher moral grounds. There were men that were my friends only because they fancied me or because we were once together and still liked each other afterwards - for a while.

Travel arrangements for foreseeable future

First of all there is no such thing as foreseeable future. Not in my life.
I was supposed to go to Zurich two weeks ago and that plan got scrapped in the last minute due to the fact that B. had to leave Switzerland in an emergency and travel all the way down to Marseilles to visit his niece in the hospital. This wasn't the plan. I spent that weekend feeling sorry for myself instead.

Chuffed to bits

My new webcam and my new Genius tablet arrived today.

The webcam is ok, pretty cool tiny Logitech thingy.


Right. Just wanted to tell you I was happy. Above is the first pic drawn with my new tablet. Back to planet Earth now.

Up up and away.

This lovely afternoon I have received a bizarre email.
It said: Aerlingus - Confirmation de la référence de réservation

Hmmm. I didn't book anything and I certainly didn't do so in French. It must be someone else’s.
I opened the email.

Merci d'avoir reserve chez Aer Lingus. Ce document résume votre itinéraire et constitue votre reçu ... etc. etc. Loads of stuff about the documents, online check-in and such. I still thought it wasn't mine. I scrolled down to the name and destination.


Apparently I'm flying to Zurich in two weeks time.


Nobody asked me.

Steps Forward

I like horoscopes. I especially like the ones from Tarot.com, they seem awfully accurate. This is my horoscope for today:

Your thoughts about your life and purpose have deepened over the past couple of months, thanks to the recent Mars retrograde in your 12th House of Destiny. Now, as this phase ends, you aren't interested in spiritual pursuit unless it also has some practical application. This is not about putting an end to your dreams; it's about using your imagination to recreate your life.
Source: Tarot.com

New Day, New Dawn, New Life

I woke up this morning to the sound of the breaking on my heart
I woke up this morning to find out the world, I knew has fallen apart
All the birds are screaming, shut them down, shut them down, down
Stormy clouds are falling, move them round, move them round, round

Maybe ,there's a way we could lose this pain
Break free, push rewind, play it all again.

Anita Lipnicka and John Porter "Old Time Radio"

Rare visitors to this site might have complained that I haven't written anything in a week.

That's not entirely true.

Missing Brushes

Few weeks ago I went to the Art shop and bought a new brush to my collection. I needed a large round watercolour brush and I got myself a wonderful and expensive blue squirrel hair brush from Da Vinci series - hand made and absolutely fantastic. I chose this particular one because I bought one before from the same series, only smaller, for detailed inking.

Time to get a grip

For the last week I haven't been great. Let's admit it: I've been worried, tired, sad and lonely. I have made enormous efforts to keep myself upbeat which resulted with some diminished funds in the wallet and little more. I kept on telling myself that things will get better, but I couldn't quite believe they would.

Brief Interviews with Hideous Men

I got my hands on this movie by sheer accident. It was just lying there for months. I watched it today.

I shall not say what it is about, any more than the title spells out, but it came in the exact time when I needed it. I have had a few encounters with hideous men. I have had a few encounters with good men who turned out to be hideous to me. I have known others who knew hideous men.