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Valentine's Day Thoughts

As of Friday, I am between jobs. I refuse to say I'm unemployed - this is something I have been told not to think once and there is a good reason for this. It attracts bad Karma.

I can't quite come to terms with this situation, it's so bizarre. On the very same day when B. left the country for good, I have been let go from my job. Not in a pleasant or very constructive way, I have been sacked with a ridiculous excuse. I was plain shocked at first. Then, I laughed. Then, I got angry and I cried. And then I laughed some more.

Destination: Unknown

I'm trying to hold on to illusion of stability I have so painstakingly created around me.
The reality is gnawing away at it and as the time goes by, that illusion of mine is starting to look more like a cloth attacked by moths. I hold on to it knowing that soon it will fall apart.

B. is going to Switzerland.
He had 11 interviews he told me nothing about and then accepted the job offer. He came home one day and joyfully announced that he's leaving in four weeks. Forever.

Ain't that pretty now, luv

B. went to the shopping centre to exchange an item he wasn't happy with.
Many people were unhappy with items they bought that day so he stood in a queue for a while.

When his turn came, he approached the customer service desk and started to talk to the person behind it. What he didn't realise at first it wasn't his turn at all, and there was a girl who was there before him.

I presume that once my eyes watered.

Recently I cried not knowing where my pain comes from, I cried and there was nothing to comfort me, nothing to ease the pain. I knew that there was something terribly wrong with my life and I couldn't pin point what it was, yet it was strong enough to wake me up at night. I spent those sleepless nights trying to understand where have I gone wrong, what makes me feel like a piece from another puzzle that just doesn't fit in. I only figured it out today, but subconsciously I must have known...

The chemical disaster

I wish I had a time machine and could go back to yesterday afternoon and stop myself from commiting the ultimate crime of hairdressing. But I don't and I didn't and my hair will have to be chopped right off today or tomorrow. Six years of growing, caring, shampooing and conditioning is going to be chopped off.

Spiderling invasion - Celery vs Spiderlings 1-0

I went to my kitchen one evening for a cup of coffee. It was early, the sun was just about to go down. Not without a surprise I noticed a dark spot on my ceiling, just above the cupboard. The spot was moving - "o, just a spider!" I thought, made myself my coffee and switched off the light as I left the kitchen.

Declaring War on Reality

When I sleep well and nobody wakes me up in the morning, I have very nice lucid dreams. Over the weekend, I had quite a few worth remembering, including one about elven ruins that I went to do charity work in for few nuns and as I was sorting through the donated clothes I learned that they were for elf-zombies that still lingered in the catacombs of said ruins. Very entertaining.

The Duchess of Bray

Inspired by: Nigerian Spam

I had a chat with a Latvian fellow during the lunch break. He received a spam email from Nigeria telling him that his relative has died and there is a fortune that he should inherit. We thought this is amazing, that there are so many of his relatives that have been millionaires and died in Nigeria leaving their fortune to him.

Naming a Cat

An acquaintance of mine is going to pick up a kitten in the coming weekend. We were deliberating what name she should get. Finally, we figured he should call the cat after the first billboard he sees after leaving the breeder.
So he could say:

- here kitty, where are you “Vodafone free texts for life”/”Meteor Broadband to go”/”Every Little Helps”/”Always Better Value”/ “Seven up Free” here, kitty, kitty….

or in a conversation:

- ohhh so cute. What's its name?
- "did you know you can consolidate your loans into one big loan?"…
…but we call it "ocean finance"...!

Learn something new every day

The company I work in is very small. We rent an office in a large building, so that means that we have to share toilet facilities with another company that’s located on the same floor. In the ladies bathroom, there are six cubicles. There are nine ladies in my company and a few in the other. The bathroom is also occasionally used by ladies from the upper floor and visitors.

This means that while one never has to wait to use the toilet, it happens sometimes that one has to use a cubicle shortly after it has been used by another person.