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Exorcisims scheduled aka no more DIY

I now announce the chest of drawers in my room is a creation of Evil or it has been transported there by a group of minor Demons who thought it would be amusing to watch me struggle with it.

Well it's not! Not Funny!
Instrument of Evil standing there in the corner with drawers hanging out due to broken rails! (that are plastic - what were you thinking, you idiot, who invented that?!). Lurking in the shadows, unmovable massive useles creation of a mad carpenter! May you be damned! I do regret the very moment I thought I could fix you!

Lady in Black

She came to me wrapped all in black. Her silver skin was so smooth and shiny I only dared to touch once.

I haven't seen her for a few days after that and you should see those days, as dark and gloomy they were, with clouds hanging low with a promise of rain never fulfilled. I spent the evenings cuddled up on a sofa with a cup of tea reading about her - there were instructions in many languages of how she would like to be treated. i shivered each time I read them - she is more sophisticated than a space shuttle, I thought.

The little voices in my head made me do it

I am back.

Some of us have seen it coming. We couldn't do anything about it. There was no other way.

I'm back. I'm here again. I have been brought back by the little voices in my head.
They tell me: YOU REALLY SHOULD... < please fill in one of below >

~give up the job
~pursue another, more artistic carrier
~smoke less
~drink less
~worry less
~spend less
~pay off the credit card
~earn more
~kill your boss
~write a book
~other (please elaborate)

The voices have also told me that I'm going to Madrid, sailing, mad, none of above, all of above, some of above.

Jak sie poczuć w domu

W zeszyłm tygodniu wstałam wcześniej z zamiarem pojawienia sie w pracy przed dziewiątą aby nareszcie szefowa sie odczepiła.

Świtem bladym wywlokłam się z domu, dołożywszy uprzednio starań aby wyglądać ludzko.
Zpełzam zapalając fajkę w stornę przystanku autobusowego. Nieprzytomnie przechodzę przez ulicę. Podnoszę głowę, zapowiada się piękny dzień. Niewiele myśląc stawiam nogę za nogą, koncentrując się na tej czynności, która ma mnie doprowadzić z punktu A do punktu B.

Dochodząc do punktu B podnoszę głowę raz jeszcze, aby zmierzyć pozostałą odległość……


Jak w Polsce.