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WATCH THIS SPACE - Becoming JJ development plans for the nearest future.

With time this website will be growing further my dear readers. Aside of the regular updates - and I have plenty to write about - three new things will be coming up.

Firstly, I decided to de-clutter my life. I will be working on both the tangible things as on the intangible.

Drupal Table Crashed! What now? Repair instructions.

I have accidentally crashed my node_revisions table while I was updating an old post today. The error message was huge and at first I panicked... but since I have listened to my own advice I have a backup of my database so it wasn't that bad. Still, restoring a database this large is tedious and, in most cases, unnecessary.

Follow these steps to repair your table if you use PHPMyAdmin:

1. Log in to PHPMyAdmin.
2. Click on the database name on the left
3. Switch to SQL tab
4. Type in REPAIR TABLE tablename (where tablename is the name of the table that comes up in your error message)

How to align embedded YouTube video with the rest of the article - Short Tip.

I have noticed before that on many websites that have embeded YouTube video the frame seems to never align properly. While this is something that annoys me, I always thought it's due to ignorance or indifference of the blog and website owners and put up with it.

Disaster recovery Drupal style

My website stands on Drupal, fantastic CMS. Sure it might seem like a little bit of overkill (with all the features and featurettes) for what it is now. But one day it will be grand and powerful and I want to be prepared.

I crashed it today around 1:30am.

Upgrading Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows Vista Business

Dear Friends and Family.

If you're reading this, I'm already in jail for dropping a bomb on Microsoft offices in Dublin.

I just wanted you to know that I had a reason and it wasn't just pure madness. I'm writing this note because I need someone to understand what I had to go trough.

Installing SQL Server 2005 on Windows Vista

Since this note may be of some interest to people I know and it's conclusions were a surprise to all my co-workers (including software developers) and most friends (excluding Acid, a guru), I decided to let you know how "fabulous" Microsoft is and their mothers.

As some of you are aware, I have recently purchased a Dell laptop as an entertainment, learning and professional aid. It came with pre-loaded Microsoft Vista Home Premium.

The software that I need for work requires SQL Server 2005 installed. I have obtained the installation pack and I have attempted to install it on Wednesday.