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What does this button do?

While I was always compared to Dexter rather than to Dee Dee as a child, I'm pretty sure it's this attitude that landed me tech support jobs now and in the past:

Buttons? Big red buttons? How can I resist?!

this isn't happiness - Pulled to pieces

Pulled to pieces

Smee Again!

This made me smile today:

Found here

Mutate your Keyring

I have been always fascinated by all the stuff that you can carry with you on the keyring. While my own keyring is nothing more but a threaded shackle that my dad gave me (he's a sailing instructor) with a bunch of keys on it. I like the simplicity of this solution, and the fact that the shackle adds weight and changes the sound that the keys make making it easier to find them and harder to forget.

Still, there are a few keyring additions that I would like to have - but probably one at the time:


Lets tranquillise some sheep

I stumbled upon this sheep tranquillising reaction meter today:

I'm really slow but it made me smile!

Silly Facebook Apps - Stats about me

There is a Facebook app that I spotted on my friends page and it pulls out statistics about people - imaginary I guess. But still it made me laugh:

I would like to note that I would prefer to have all that money now so I can invest it and then be able to take care of all that children!

(and grandchildren since I'm likely to live long enough to see those too. Maybe even great grandchildren).

Evernote changed my life - save changes?

I was pointed to Evernote by various blogs here and there. I have managed to somehow ignore it for a while, but not any more. I have signed up and downloaded the Evernote for Windows and Evernote Firefox plugin.

My life is forever changed.

Forget notepad scraps here and there, digital or otherwise. Forget loose photos. Forget website bookmarks that you later can't find or forgot what they were about and why. Forget not remembering where you found stuff. Your memory storage system will be changed forever. There's Evernote.

Inetesting scrap note with a Bones quote

I'm de-cluttering. Today I went trough some of my long forgotten scraps of paper that I pile up in a box on my desk. One of them read: "Is that a cartoon rendering of a penis in your book? Why is it talking?". I left me puzzled. Funny, but it's been so long that I couldn't remember where it was from....

It was from Bones:

Bones Screenshots talking penis scene

"Is that a cartoon rendering of a penis in your book?"
"Uh… why, I guess it is. Look at that."
"Why is it talking?"

Another reason to regret not having a car - TomTom's SatNav

I don't have a car.

I don't even have a driving licence.

I have, however, extensive experience in changing tires and cursing at the SatNav. After the car trip to Nice and back I thought I will never desire owning a SatNav because of the one E. had in the car, nicknamed Amber (for being Cutthroat Bitch).

Stolen Penguin

Somebody nicked a penguin from the Dublin Zoo yesterday.

No, seriously. They nicked a ten-year-old female penguin. From the Zoo.

The penguin from the Dublin Zoo, photo from the Irish Times

The ingenuity of some people keeps on amazing me. The Irish Times reports that the thieves broke into the Zoo around 8am in the morning, kidnapped the penguin and took off in a cab.

Why would you steal a penguin?
What was the cab driver thinking?
What were the thieves thinking?