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The Truth About Smart

enjoy good advertising.

Living around a graphic designer who used to work in advertising made me immune to most of ads and majority of attempts to sway me towards a particular product of a brand, because I'm conscious of "how it works". I think good advertising is a work of art, I like thoughtful and well executed work.

I haven't seen much of that recently. Of course everyone knows a good few brands that always advertise well, like Cadbury, Sony or Coke, but beyond that it is hard to name ads that are truly great - I will be posting more of them here, and I will start with this one (found on SwissMiss website).

The Truth About Smart

This is a website for Smart, a car many ignore, that aims to change your opinion about what Smart is capable of - and it sure changed mine. What's more, it made me want to have one!

I had great fun just watching it, so go ahead and click on the link below to have some fun too :)

ADDED NOTE: I will not ever get a Smart for one reason: it doesn't come with a normal manual gearbox. They are either automatic or semi-automatic, all of them. They can go to hell. But the website was fun nevertheless.