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Autumn Melancholy

I’m sure I’m not the only one who experiences this feeling of wistfulness and melancholy as autumn rolls in and summer rolls out. The yellowing leaves, the promise of winter in the air, evenings growing colder by the day, create within me the inescapable desire to wrap up in blankets, drink tea, eat soup while listening to the howling of the wind and pitter-patter of rain on the window sill. I feel the passage of time keenly every darkening hour.

This years feels somehow different though. I don’t know why.

My perception of the everyday life is both clearer and at the same time, more abstracted from reality, somehow removed. I go through my days and truly enjoy moments yet I feel sad about their passing. It’s like finishing a really nice dessert or going through a big long farewell.

Maybe it’s just the autumn melancholy speaking. And maybe it’s just because I have a cold and pseudoephedrine makes me feel funny. But maybe, just maybe, it is a goodbye; goodbye to the old and a premonition of something new around the corner.