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Fairy Godfather

The gender inequality and gender bias are issues that have been talked about to death. Many of my friends think that the problem is mostly resolved and frequently don't believe me when I talk about my experiences with gender bias, which for me - a woman whose interests and career are still seen as those more suitable to a man - are a daily frustration.

Gender bias is omnipresent and if you don't believe me, I'll illustrate it for you:

This is a Fairy washing-up liquid inviting one to be a Fairy Godmother in support of the Make a Wish foundation. Most people will probably see nothing wrong with this packaging, until pointed out: this is advertising on a washing up liquid bottle targeted solely towards women. Women are Godmothers - men are Godfathers, that alone is obvious. Women wash-up, men don't - that's what is the message.

I invite you to ponder for just a little moment about the images those words bring to your mind: Godmother and Godfather.

Godmother or even Fairy Godmother, brings to mind Disney princesses.
Godfather brings to mind Vito Corleone.

What if the bottle said Fairy Godfather instead? What would be the picture in your mind then? This is the one that came to my mind:

Hilarious, right? :)

Thus, we are left with a question: why does the Fairy Godmother on a washing-up liquid seems so normal, but a Fairy Godfather not so much?