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SysAdmin Sociability Index

A friend of mine posted this on FB:

"Bringing a sysadmin to a social event"

Bringing a sysadmin to a social event

While generally accurate, more complex calculations are required. It is my belief, that each social event has its own SysAdmin Sociability Index, SASI. SASI is calculated as follows:

P/(I *φ) = SASI

P - amount of Pints the given sysadmin is able to handle before getting obnoxiously drunk
I - amount of people (Idiots) in the target group that have no clue what you're talking about
φ - amount of pints required to tolerate one such person

A sysadmin will be perceived as sociable by the target group as long as the SASI is greater than 1.

In some cases you should also add an affordability modifier, where the P is reduced to the amount of pints sysadmin can afford during that social event.