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Installing SQL Server 2005 on Windows Vista

Since this note may be of some interest to people I know and it's conclusions were a surprise to all my co-workers (including software developers) and most friends (excluding Acid, a guru), I decided to let you know how "fabulous" Microsoft is and their mothers.

As some of you are aware, I have recently purchased a Dell laptop as an entertainment, learning and professional aid. It came with pre-loaded Microsoft Vista Home Premium.

The software that I need for work requires SQL Server 2005 installed. I have obtained the installation pack and I have attempted to install it on Wednesday.

The installation was stopped, as I only had SP1, while in order to run SQL Server 2005 on Vista one needs SP2.

I have then obtained SP2 installation add on and throughout Thursday I tried to get all components installed. I have failed miserably and I couldn't figure out why. My IIS was enabled, the .NET components as well. The installation was going on as normal and then, all of sudden, I was getting an error message. Not very nice at all.

I went online trying to figure out why on Earth I can't anything to work?! Today I came across two very interesting articles in the web. One was found on IIS website:
Problems installing SQL Server 2005 on Vista and IIS7

There are several required IIS components for SQL Server to install properly on Vista (...). The following components are all required in order for SQL Server 2005 to install properly:
   Component Folder
   Static Content Common HTTP Features
   Default Document Common HTTP Features
   HTTP Redirection Common HTTP Features
   Directory Browsing Common HTTP Features
   ASP.Net Application Development
   ISAPI Extension Application Development
   ISAPI Filters Application Development
   Windows Authentication Security
   IIS Metabase Management Tools
   IIS 6 WMI Management Tools

Interestingly enough, only this note made me aware that Windows Authentication module was not available in my IIS feature! Why?!

And there came the answer:
How to install SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services on a Windows Vista-based computer

   You have a computer that is running one of the following editions of Windows Vista:
   • Windows Vista Business
   • Windows Vista Enterprise
   • Windows Vista Ultimate

Apparently, Windows Vista Home and Home Premium have been robbed of Windows Authentication module and there is no way around it but to upgrade to one of above editions of Vista. LOVELY!

Since, of course, I couldn't believe there is no workaround, I called my guru, Acid, and asked if he had come across this issue. He had. He offered me a solution - a hacked Vista Ultimate.

Tempting, I know, but I chose the legal way and I bought an upgrade - I got a student discount so it wasn't all that bad, but hear my words:


Till later,
Your secret geek