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Sinking like Titanic!

I thought, when I joined the new company that it is somehow immune to the current economical climate.

I thought that we will sail trough the rough seas of credit crunch with our heads held high, not bothered by the lashing rain and the wind, not feeling the cold, as if it was a family regatta on a Sunday afternoon.

I hoped that I will be able to leave my worries on the shore behind me, that by coming aboard I have chosen a nice and easy way to get where I want to be in the future.

The truth came like a punch in the face, yesterday. Our hull is breached, the sails in shreds and we are not only not moving ahead, but sinking, captain said. We need get our hands dirty, some of us repairing our boat, some of us trying to pump out the water... those, who will not be asked to abandon ship I mean.

We will not rest until we see land again. Some of us will not reach it with this boat. Some of us will drown, disappear in the dark waters. The ship maybe will sail on, or maybe it will sink later.

Ahoy fellow sailors! We're in trouble, too!
I'm in trouble, too.