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One Stone

I haven't had time for anything this week. I haven't had time to count my points as I go along, so some errors have crept into my Weight Watchers point tracker. I haven't had the time or the energy to cook the healthy and nutritious meals I would normally have, but then in all fairness I haven't had much energy to eat at all, so it all works out OK.

Last three weeks have been tough. I didn't go to the meeting on week 8, on accord of a nasty sinus infection I somehow managed to contract, but I did attend in week 9. Week 9 was very good for me - I have reached an important milestone; I have lost altogether a stone, or 14 pounds, or for those like me, who prefer the metric system, 6.4 kg, since I started with the programme. The leader, Mary, gave me a little heart-shaped crystal as a symbol of the weight loss that I have achieved; everybody clapped; it was magical. I may have been a little more excited, if I didn't cough as much as I did...

Unfortunately this was the last time I was attending a meeting with this particular group. I started a new job on Monday, so I will no longer be available during lunchtime, but I decided to continue going to a Weight Watcher meeting each week anyway. I chose the one on Wednesday evenings with the same leader, but in a different location.

I really did try to get to the meeting on Wednesday evening of week 10 but I missed the bus and didn't make it there in time. I guess I need to either find a more efficient way of getting there or perhaps give up the hope of sticking with Mary's groups and choose a different one - I have till next Wednesday to decide. Nonetheless, there are still nine weeks till the end of the year, plenty of time to reach my goal weight - and the goal size - before then.

All I need to do is stick to the plan and keep going. Simple, really, innit?