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Serious case of déjà écoutée

I've heard Sara Blasko's All I Want today and I couldn't help the sense of déjà écouté. The more I heard, the more I was sure I never heard her sing before, but certainly heard someone just like her. I dug in the web a little and certainly she's a little bit like Meiko, a wee bit like that girl who did Innocence with Delerium, Leigh Nash, and a bit like someone else, but I can't put a finger on it. Maybe like Beth Gibbons from Portishead.

While  I liked the track, both the lyrics and her voice, the feeling of déjà écoutée prevented me from actually concentrating on her singing. Unfortunately, I am sure that most singers wouldn't like to be "sounding like someone else", that she'd enjoy being good in her own right, not by the fact of being someone like someone else.

I wonder how much does it take in time and fame and talent to be the person other people are compared to instead of being compared to others?