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Greatly Unimpressed with Optical Express - Laser Eye Surgery Consultation

I was only late 10 minutes, I swear.

I called to say I'm on my way and that I got lost, but regardless of this instead of seeing ophthalmologist I was left alone with this woman, T. who took bluish scans of my eye s and was overall struggling to be nice. She said I won't be seeing the ophthalmologist today because I was late (enter a sneer and a partial facial expression of disgust) and I just wasn't impressed. All she did is give me a brochure and a price per eye, which I got off the internet anyway, and told me I'm fairly suitable and my depth and colour perception will not be affected.

I left, on that lovely morning, wandered down Baggot Street, tried to get some monies out of my Credit Card (and failed miserably), had my breakfast pear and said to myself: no, this is not alright. It's not ok. I was only 10 minutes late for goodness sake and my appointment that was supposed to last 90 minutes got shortened to mere 20? I doubt it was worth enduring four phone calls from their representatives and the trip to the town and all the rushing from the dart down to their clinic, never mind it was ungodly early.

It's not ok. It was just bloody 10 minutes. Bastards.

A part of me wanted just to let it go. Just leave them be and simply don't get the surgery with them. Ever. Get one with Ultralase or some other clinic, who don't call me daily and have appointments in the afternoon.

The other part of me wants to go back there and tell them exactly what I think about them. And then never have the surgery with them and get one with Ultralase or some other clinic, who don't call me daily and have appointments in the afternoon...

Should I complain?
What would it say about me?
What would it say about them?
I wasn't happy that's sure.
Should I tell them I'm not happy?

Will it make me feel better?

I did call and, after apologising in advance, chewed the head of the lovely receptionist, N. She did try to argue with me at first, before I told her I was calling to express my disappointment and vent, not to argue who's right. I was right. I was the client.
N., the lovely girl she was, tried to convince me to reschedule the appointment but I refused and told her that I won't set foot in any of the Optical Express clinics as long as I live and then said I will see how Ultralase fares instead. Then thanked her for listening - she was very graceful.

And guess what: I did feel better.