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The Wolfman with Anthony Hopkins, Benicio del Toro, Emily Blunt and Agent Smith

---Warning - Spoilers!---

I went to see the Wolfman today. Generally a "lovely" movie with some nice action and CG.

The story starts with some violent scenes of a man being ripped apart. Emily Blunt plays the role of Gwen, fiancée of the killed man and she calls in a letter for his brothers' help, who happens to be a Shakespearian actor. We know straight away he will be dragged into the mystery of the creature that killed his brother... He arrives at the estate in Blackmore just to be welcomed coldly by his estranged father and hear that his brothers body was find mutilated in a ditch a day earlier. Emily is very convincingly grieving and asks Benicio to find out what happened to her significant other.

The situation fails to interest as we all know already what happened to the poor lad - he was shred to pieces. Despite the warnings, Benicio leaves the mansion during the full moon to follow a lead found on his brothers body all the way down to the Gypsies camp and gets bitten by the beast that killed his brother while most of the others are, as his brother, shred to pieces.  There's blood, guts spilling and limbs flying around in the dark.

Stitched up by a Gypsy wise-woman, our hero returns to the mansion, heals miraculously from his wounds and kills half the village during the next full moon. All very predictable and violent, too. The next morning, local mob rounds him up with the help of Scotland Yard officer and chucks him into an asylum. Hopkins pays him a fatherly visit to confirm what we already suspected: he's the beast that has bitten him, he also killed his brother and mother. Benicio gets tortured some more by the doctors and put on display during the following full moon when he kills some of those doctors, some cops and some others.

The Gypsies mumble something about only love being able to save poor Benicio, so it was no surprise to find that some feelings quickly bloom between the hero and the heroine. After the delightful slaughter in London, he comes to hide in her antiques shop, there are few mushy scenes and he sets of to kill his father. He goes to Blackmore followed by the Interpol and the heroine who in the meantime manages to chat with the Gypsy woman about a "cure". There is a father-son fight, some angry mob chasing, some woman -beast love moments very much like from the incredible hulk and then she kills him, he thanks her and all is fine.

In general: lovely movie if you want to brainwash yourself with little predictable story and some nice CG (yeah, they turn to wolfs quite nicely) but other than that it just lacks that little something, that umph, a bit of a mystery or at least a surprise.

Recommended for teens.

PS. Do not eat beforehand, the guts spillage are very realistic.