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Window Washer

I was making myself a cup of coffee few hours earlier and the most beautiful evening light came trough my kitchen window.
It was a funny day, I spent it all working on my computer and therefore didn't even notice the fluctuating weather much, not until I looked out my kitchen window as I was waiting for the kettle to boil.

There is a tall birch outside and the wind was playing with it softly in the sharp bright sunset light. There were clouds gathering far in the east providing dark violet and ultramarine backdrop for the vivid fresh green leaves dancing on the other side of the window. There was no one on the street and I felt as if it was a personal show just for me.

Then, I noticed how filthy my windows were.

I grabbed the Sunday's paper and the window Cif, rolled the window covers all the way up and washed the windows as well as I could - I can't wash them from the other side, though, it's an old Georgian house. Still, there was an improvement and the act of washing the windows was strangely pleasing, liberating even. I was very satisfied when I was finished, even though it took mere twenty minutes; I sipped the coffee looking at the clouds. Then, the evening light changed into soft orange and slowly faded.

I remembered that washing windows invites the inspiration into the house - at least that's what feng shui experts say. Then, I remembered the window washer video I stumbled upon few weeks back.


I wish I knew what that meant, if it meant anything.

I wish I could just... fly away.