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Ain't that pretty now, luv

B. went to the shopping centre to exchange an item he wasn't happy with.
Many people were unhappy with items they bought that day so he stood in a queue for a while.

When his turn came, he approached the customer service desk and started to talk to the person behind it. What he didn't realise at first it wasn't his turn at all, and there was a girl who was there before him.

She came to him and complained playfully that he skipped the queue. "But you're so pretty and have such lovely eyes I will let you get away with this" she said "but don't use this to much. I can see by your bright smile that you do it a lot, charm people to get what you want".

B. apologised sincerely, as he didn't realise it was the girl's turn. She complemented him a little bit more, commenting on his gentle manners.

It's dangerous to complement B. as he already thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread.

The girl unknowingly inflated his already inflated ego and he couldn't hold it in anymore. He smiled to her and - covering the counter, the service person, the polished floor and the girl with tiny shreds of skin and blood - his face exploded.