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Another Week, nothing this time - Week 4 Results

This week I didn't loose any weight, but I believe it's all because of the copious amounts of cake and wine I had during my birthday party. I guess, after all (and Mary, the leader of the group, agrees) it's better to maintain rather to gain, even if I didn't loose a gram.

So far my weight loss has been pretty much an every other week event. Loads on week one - hardly anything on week two; loads on week three - nothing at all on week four. Still, at this rate, I should reach my Weight Watchers goal weight by mid October and my personal perfect weight by the end of the year. Now, wouldn't this be great? I think so.

Unfortunately, the winter is coming and with the winter comes the urge to gorge oneself on unhealthy comfort food. While it didn't hit me just yet, it would appear that it has affected some of other members in the group; some can't keep away from biscuits, some from chocolate. And we all dread the winter pounds.

This is nothing new: human bodies are designed to store fat during the winter months, when food was not as easily available to our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Does it mean that my expectation that my weight loss will continue at this rate is unrealistic? Is there a way to combat this design feature (flaw?) in the day an age when a large variety of food is freely available year round?

I'm about to find out.