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The Duchess of Bray

Inspired by: Nigerian Spam

I had a chat with a Latvian fellow during the lunch break. He received a spam email from Nigeria telling him that his relative has died and there is a fortune that he should inherit. We thought this is amazing, that there are so many of his relatives that have been millionaires and died in Nigeria leaving their fortune to him.

We started discussing ancestry and family trees that we, due to the Second World War, are unable to uncover and all we have is a vague idea that not everyone was from the same country and that we will never know our twice removed cousins.

That prompted me to think that since I don’t know who my grandfather was, I might one day discover I’m a princess or at least a duchess of some remote area in some remote country; like Bray, for example.

Not that it would change anything. It would at most inflate more my already inflated ego.

As an alternative to finding out that I’m a duchess of someplace, I would like to find chests filled with gold and precious stones. Then, I would name myself a countess of Monte Christo, come back and exact revenge on my enemies… or just become a singer and build myself a castle on Killiney Hill.


That’s already been done.

And here’s me trying to be original…