JJ's Christmas Effort - The Menu

I resolved that I will make an effort this Christmas and I decided that following dishes will land on my (and A.'s) table this year:

Barszcz Czerwony (Beetroot Soup)
Uszka z Grzybami (lit. "ears" - small dumplings with wild mushroom filling)

Main Course:
Pierogi Ruskie (Russian Dumplings)
Karp po Zydowsku (Jewish style Carp)

Salatka Jarzynowa (Vegtable Salad)
Sledz w Oleju (Herring in Oil)

Drinks and Desserts:
Susz/Kompot z suszu (Dried Fruit Drink)
Kruche Ciasto z owocami (Fruit Crumble)
Biszkopt z Gruszkami (Pear Sponge Cake)

Yes, I am mad to attempt to do it all in just 2,5 days, but I shall say - aim for the moon! Even if you miss, you will land among the stars!

Merry Christmas! :)
Wish me luck ;)