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A level up: po pierwsze prīmō

Yesterday I have reached a next level in my relationship:

-loathing his priorities-

We have agreed over the weekend, that instead of watching two movies on Sunday we will see just the movie he wants to see and the movie I want to see we will watch on Tuesday.

On Monday, I had a hairdressing assignment. I managed not to kill the subject with the scissors and the subject managed not to kill me after the cutting was completed. He even drove me home. Monday was very successful indeed.

Yesterday I left the office and, since I had a lift from my colleague, managed to get home by 18:00. My partner was still at work at the time and I had suggested that he should choose to leave the office immediately as they do not pay him for extra hours and there is a movie we agreed to see at 18:45. He promised to call me back shortly. At 18:15, after buying stamps in the local newsagents I called him again, slightly annoyed, reminding him that we should go. He said '15 minutes'. At this stage I knew we will not make it for the movie.

15 minutes later he called to tell me he is not ready yet.

To shorten the story, I will just say that we got the bus at 18:55 and got to the town in about 30 min. The I was told that he had no intention to see the movie at 18:45, he wanted a dinner first.

We went to the GastroPub and he disappeared for 10 min to make a phone call.

Then we had our dinner. Around dessert time, when I was sipping my tea, I was told we have to leave immediately if we want to see the movie. I gulped down my tea, we ran out of the restaurant, went to the cinema... so I could discover that the movie doesn't start for the next 30 minutes.

Above story is to show you the priorities of the man responsible for ruining my meticulous plan yesterday. They change order depending on the day, but remain mostly the same:

  1. work
  2. family
  3. food
  4. punctuality. for others, not for self.
  5. entertainment

then some other things, then nothing nothing nothing....

1001. me.

No further comment required. Today I will just go home instead.