Silly Facebook Apps - Stats about me

There is a Facebook app that I spotted on my friends page and it pulls out statistics about people - imaginary I guess. But still it made me laugh:

Screenshot that reads: Based on her Facebook profile, Justyna has a 90% chance of getting married and is likely to have 7 children over her reproductive years. She will make about $3,538,194 in her life and pay $1,061,458 in taxes. In Justyna's life, she will have spent 27 years sleeping, and 657 hours on the toilet. She will probably live to be about 94 years old. 99 people will attend her funeral with 4 of them expecting some kind of inheritance.

I would like to note that I would prefer to have all that money now so I can invest it and then be able to take care of all that children!

(and grandchildren since I'm likely to live long enough to see those too. Maybe even great grandchildren).