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External HDD dilemma - a follow-up

I wrote recently about  my external HDD dillema: capacity vs portability.  This week I noticed that a new Western Digital HDD has appeared on Pixmania.com, one of my favourite online stores. It's a MyPassport Essential edition with 1TB capacity.

And so it seems that my capacity vs. portability dilemma has been resolved, you can buy both 2,5 and 3,5 drives with the same capacity. I can't stop myself from suspecting I was too hasty with my purchase, that I could have bought a smaller in size but equally large in capacity and more portable hard drive. The only difference is that 1TB MyPassport HDD is twice as expensive than the 1TB MyBook HDD that I ended up buying for myself and in fact I can't imagine I could have waited any longer for additional storage.

While it would be at the moment my little geeky grail I ponder on how practical if at all would be to carry 1TB of data around. All of the data that I do need to have around me at all times fits on my 4GB USB key, so what would I do with 250 times this amount of space? Nothing of importance, I'm sure of that. I would probably use it for backups and larger files as I do already with the drive I bought, so there would be no need for it to be that portable.

I think now that instead of having a portability vs capacity dilemma I have a completely new one: would my geeky side win over my practical side enough to spend eighty euro more?