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Surreal but nice

When I came back home last night, my stomach started to act up again so I went to bed late and didn't get much sleep. This morning, dehydrated and exhausted, I made myself get up and after making sure i look somewhat human, I went out. Everything felt surreal and bizarre and I felt like a visitor in my own body.

I passed by a small housing estate; they have a smallish wall around the place and above it a green metal fence. I saw a broken umbrella, with two pieces sticking out like wings, lodged between the fence and the wall. I didn't think much of it; broken umbrellas have become quite common these days.

Few steps further, lodged in exactly same fashion, with wings sticking out, there was a dead pigeon.

Or maybe the pigeon was broken and the umbrella dead?

Not much later I was strolling down the main street and I saw a man, who seemed as exhausted and confused as I was. He was walking in my direction, stopped and looked at me. I continued walking and he waited, looking at me still, until I reached him. He stopped me and asked, excuse me, when is the Valentine’s Day? Is it the twelfth?

Weirder still, I told my work colleague about the weirdness of my morning and he said, interesting that you mention this, my calendar says that the Valentine's Day is on the twelfth, too.

We took a picture of this.

This is a RTE diary that my colleague's wife got at work. It says in small print of one of the pages:

"While great care is taken when compiling the information in this THE EURO DIARY the publishers cannot accept responsibility for any errors.
Published and Printed by: Irish Calendar and Diary Promotions."

Oh, and Did You Know that the Carmelite Church in Whitefriar Street in Dublin City claims to hold the remains of St Valentine?

I expected to wake up, but this is not a dream.

This is it, I decided, I will eat a live toad first thing every morning, so nothing weirder happens to me for the rest of the day.