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Time to get a grip

For the last week I haven't been great. Let's admit it: I've been worried, tired, sad and lonely. I have made enormous efforts to keep myself upbeat which resulted with some diminished funds in the wallet and little more. I kept on telling myself that things will get better, but I couldn't quite believe they would.

On Sunday during a shower I have decided that I'm being way too soft. "Get a grip!" I told myself, "tomorrow is a new day and everything will change". I decided to get up early, go out, do stuff and not to lose faith, go back to my diet and cut down on cigarettes again, run, be healthy and strong. I took course for the better in my head and decided to stick to it. Next day was supposed to be a better day.

And today was a good day.

I have met a colleague in the city for lunch and we had a great chat about a job available in his company. While I doubt I will have any chances getting it, it was nice to have a chat. He reminded me that I am indeed a good person and needn’t feel bad about my previous job.
Then I wandered to the Bewleys for a cuppa coffee with my beloved laptop to discover while I was there that a recruiter has contacted me with regards to another job available in a company I already once worked for. He called me to arrange a meeting tomorrow but when he realised that I was around, he changed his mind and met me immediately.
The interview went well. As I was marching towards the Dart, I bumped into Bewleys Fair Trade people who gave me a free cup of fair trade coffee. This made me feel that - especially since at this stage I was cold and exhausted - an invisible helping hand was at work.

Good things, no matter how small, come in threes:

1. Lunch with a friendly soul (thanks D.!)
2. A good interview
3. Free coffee!

Tomorrow is going to be a good day too, I am sure.