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True Love, Fidelity and Hugh Laurie

I've been kicking myself since the last weekend.

Those who know me know that I have very lucid dreams and that whenever I do dream I am aware that it's not real but  I don't interfere with the dream scenario - it's like watching a really cool movie with me in it.

Last weekend I had another one of those. I was in Hollywood attending a party, during which I met Hugh Laurie who was there on his own - and so was I. After a few funny cocktails and a longer chat he invited me over to his hotel suite.

The hotel was very modern and I remember thinking that bottle green on the corridor walls made it look very luxurious, yet cosy. The suite was on one of the top floors, so we spend some time in the elevator with curious glances and atmosphere thick with promise.

We entered the suite and I went straight across spacious living room area to the stereo and chose some music while he was fixing me a drink. We drank more. Talked more. Danced. He leaned to me to kiss me and I...

.. refused! Stepped away! Gave him a speech about boyfriends and girlfriends! I have one, he has one, this was inappropriate etc. All the fidelity talk..!

Then I picked up my shoes (red, to match my dress, I noticed) and walked out . He tried to stop me, grabbed me by my elbow and told me "this would be our little secret", nobody needs to know - but I didn't listen.

I mean, seriously! Hugh Laurie. IN MY DREAM!!!

Photo of who I resisted in my dream



And my dreaming self FELT GOOD ABOUT IT!


I've been trying to revisit this dream a few other times but it seems to slip away from me every time I try to nudge it in a different than the original direction and I wake up.

There's no hope for me now. It's official I'm so far in love that I can't even have sex with famous actors in my dreams.

How frustrating.