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Weight Watchers - Weigh In and what followed

Last Wednesday I went to the Weight Watchers meeting again, got weighed in.

I was very apprehensive about the whole Weight Watchers thing, I didn't really believe it would work. But I did what they said in the booklet, stuck to my points and, surprise! I lost 2kg. That's 4.4 lbs.

(For those who never had to think about loosing weight, the general consensus is that loosing anywhere between 0,5kg to 1kg a week is healthy and good. Anything above that is awesome.)

After living a week and a half on the Weight Watchers plan, I can't yet say if the weight loss is sustainable or if I'm not going to go mad one day and eat everything in sight, but at last I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I don't really feel that 2kg being gone - I didn't see it coming on though, so no surprise there - yet I can imagine myself wearing my size 10 clothes again. It seems somewhat... achievable.

The fact of loosing so much in the first week gave me so much powah! that I marched down to the Swan Leisure centre in Rathmines and went for a swim, first time in over a year, did some laps and then vegged in the sauna for a little bit. I was fine for about an hour afterwards.

Then I spent 2 days in absolute pain.

To conclude:
Weight Watchers - good idea.
Going for a swim - good idea.
Swimming as fast as if you were still fit - bad idea.

Still, it's all looking good for now.