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Up up and away.

This lovely afternoon I have received a bizarre email.
It said: Aerlingus - Confirmation de la référence de réservation

Hmmm. I didn't book anything and I certainly didn't do so in French. It must be someone else’s.
I opened the email.

Merci d'avoir reserve chez Aer Lingus. Ce document résume votre itinéraire et constitue votre reçu ... etc. etc. Loads of stuff about the documents, online check-in and such. I still thought it wasn't mine. I scrolled down to the name and destination.

Apparently I'm flying to Zurich in two weeks time.


Nobody asked me.

I know who booked this ticket. It was B., nobody else would have paid 180 euro for a non-refundable flight for me.
But why Zurich?
I'm puzzled and confused and I can't reach B. on the phone.

Thank god it's after all my university work. And the flight is two way.

Oh well, I should just embrace this lovely opportunity and make B. pay for being sneaky later.

Zurich, here I come.