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Birthday Wishlist - Updated

It's my birthday this week.

There will be no celebrations, mind you. Nothing of the sort. Maybe a glass of wine or something but that's about it.

There is also just one item on my birthday wishlist: I want a job. Preferably in one of the following locations: greater Dublin area, Ireland; Geneva or Vaud canton of Switzerland; south of France.

If I have a job I can then go on and buy anything else that I might want, like a sewing machine, 4GB of memory for my laptop, set of Letraset Tria Markers, some books perhaps. So all I really want is a job.

Or in the worst case scenario, if I don't get one, a time machine would have to do.


I'm starting my new job next Tuesday.

Thank you! Have some cake.

Those Letraset Markers though, that was a very good idea too.