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Elephant's foot umbrella stand - Dodgy Interior Design

Few months ago I was researching various games and found a parlour game called "Elephant's foot umbrella stand". It is a funny game, similar to one we used to play as kids, where each player adds a word or a phrase to an ever expanding sentence that then has to be repeated by the next player before he adds in a new word or phrase. Click on the link above to read more about the rules on Wikipedia.

I found it an interesting piece of information and filed it for later in a  dark corner of my mind. I didn't think much of the games title until I saw THIS on sale:

Elephant's Foot Umbrella Stand

The item's price is $995 and can be bought on topsy design's website.

Now I'm very slightly disturbed and creeped out. It does seem like an actual elephant's foot, hollowed out. Certainly this is not a piece of furniture that I would allow anywhere near me - and I'm not normally terribly against products made from animals or taxidermy.