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Online Depression Quiz

While browsing today I stumbled upon Psych Central website that, as far as I know, is designed to inform general public about their mental health or the lack of.

My personal situation has made me question my mental health lately. Now, I don't think I have gone insane, no, I'm just as crazy as I ever was, no changes there - but I do feel a wee bit more blue than usual. Not enough to do anything about it and definitely not enough to contact a health care professional... enough however to take an online depression quiz on the Psych Central website.

Well guess what. It seems I "appear to be suffering from a severe depression" and "it would be advisable and likely beneficial for me to seek further diagnosis from a trained mental health professional immediately" (emphasis in the original). Well well well. Who would have thought.

I knew I wasn't perfectly alright and it's rather hard to imagine I would be, knowing how screwed up my life has been lately, so it's unsurprising to find that I have depression traits, but "severe"? It's hardly half as bad as it was last time I was depressed and I do cope with it OK, so I would put myself rather in the "borderline" or "mild" category; definitely not "severe".

Maybe I've always been a bit blue so what to me is barely noticeable change in my moods ranks as severe depression. Perhaps it's due to the fact the quiz was on a US page and as such targeted to Americans who we all know pop pills whenever they feel mildly anxious or sad on a rainy Sunday afternoon (I know it's a terrible generalisation and I don't care). Anyway I think the results of this quiz are open to speculation. One thing for sure, I doubt I will be seeking any diagnoses immediately or in any time in the near future.

Or maybe I should? Would you say I'm depressed? Mildly insane, yes, but depressed?

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