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Lady in Black

She came to me wrapped all in black. Her silver skin was so smooth and shiny I only dared to touch once.

I haven't seen her for a few days after that and you should see those days, as dark and gloomy they were, with clouds hanging low with a promise of rain never fulfilled. I spent the evenings cuddled up on a sofa with a cup of tea reading about her - there were instructions in many languages of how she would like to be treated. i shivered each time I read them - she is more sophisticated than a space shuttle, I thought.

Then the time has come when the sun came out and she called me again. Dressed all in black she silently sat still on the sofa just beside me. I undressed her and softly touched her silver skin. I prepared the meal for her a day before and I fed it to her slowly, piece by piece. Her eyes lit in happiness, she blinked to me and I couldn't keep myself from smiling. We went out together and we went to a pub for a glass of wine.

I put on contact lenses to be able to connect with her with my eyes - her eyes were beautiful and soon I discovered that she sees the world the way i see it. This reassured me that together we will be able to show to the others the world of shiny light, bright colours and marvel that we see - already at this stage i knew that there was nothing that could stand between us.

Heavy rain started to fall while we were on the way back home so it was a pleasure to take a hot shower and go to bed early. That night she stayed with me and she lied beside me on the bed when I was falling asleep. I could hear her faint whisper: "let's go out," she said to me," let's smell the wet air, feel the wind on our faces, take pictures of the wet blue cars in the dark and drops of rain on leaves of trees bent by the wind. Let's be captured by the reflection of the lights on the wet road and the dark sky above."

We didn't go out that very night and i knew we wouldn't for a many nights to come, but in this very moment, I knew - she was the one.

My beloved Minolta Dimage 7.