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Metamorphosis from the larvae form

The annual Autumn Depression has arrived resulting in re-thinking the entire life and making rather serious and rather life changing decisions, including these that will make one rich, these that will make one a better person and these that will make one a happier person, none of which involve sexual favors.

The Metamorphosis prompted by the annual Depression has to date caused 6 eye out-pouring incidents, most alcohol induced, and some ungraceful yet rather successful attempts to avoid bad judgment and choose the lesser of evils. While I still remain in the larvae form, I do hope that I will shortly (give it a month or two) transform into a butterfly or at least a pretty moth.

Therefore, my dear friends and my oblivious to all events family, please bear with me for the duration of metamorphosis. Please excuse my moments of weakness, moments of selfishness and moments of pure stupidity, as they are only temporary and they will pass. Before you know it, you will have the normal me back again, only stronger, steadier, less self-destructive and more prepared to endure the coming times and be there for you as a friend/daughter/sister/lover or whatever I can be. As a butterfly (or at least a pretty moth).

Yours truly,
Larvae form of JJ