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Naming a Cat

An acquaintance of mine is going to pick up a kitten in the coming weekend. We were deliberating what name she should get. Finally, we figured he should call the cat after the first billboard he sees after leaving the breeder.

So he could say:

- here kitty, where are you “Vodafone free texts for life”/”Meteor Broadband to go”/”Every Little Helps”/”Always Better Value”/ “Seven up Free” here, kitty, kitty….

or in a conversation:

- ohhh so cute. What's its name?
- "did you know you can consolidate your loans into one big loan?"…
…but we call it "ocean finance"...!

And wouldn't it be just the best chat-up line ever:

- “Zurich” ate something strange again and it threw up on the rug.

I like this idea a lot.

I'm going to rename my cat to "retail opportunity".