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Learn something new every day

The company I work in is very small. We rent an office in a large building, so that means that we have to share toilet facilities with another company that’s located on the same floor. In the ladies bathroom, there are six cubicles. There are nine ladies in my company and a few in the other. The bathroom is also occasionally used by ladies from the upper floor and visitors.

This means that while one never has to wait to use the toilet, it happens sometimes that one has to use a cubicle shortly after it has been used by another person.

Today in the office I overheard following conversation between two of my co-workers.

“Don’t you just hate it when the toilet doesn’t flush? I don’t understand what’s wrong with it, sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.” Said one.

“Well, if you flush it shortly before, then it won’t flush the second time.” proudly announced the other.

“Really? That would explain. How did you come up with that?”

“Well, one day I went to the toilet and there was still, you know, that blue bleach there. So I flushed it before using it and then I wanted to flush again and it wouldn’t work. So I went to all the other cubicles to check if it’s the same with them. And it was.”

“This is really strange! Not very useful, you know?”

I wanted to point out that they have been working in this office for nearly three years and using toilets with flushes for even longer than this and they should’ve noticed before – but I somehow stopped myself. I thought, no; let’s allow girls to have this warm fuzzy feeling of discovering something entirely on their own. It doesn’t happen very often to them.

I wonder if they know how the coffee machine works.