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It's been a few days since I wrote anything. Two things happened that caused it: one, an acquaintance of mine who I haven't seen in ages asked me to join his business as a marketing manager - it's not a big business and there is nothing to shout about as I will be working on commission - and two, I caught a cold and I feel just plain awful.

All the time when I'm not managing away or drinking buckets of tea wrapped in a blanket watching CSI I'm scanning all my previous sketches for my online Gallery-That-is-Coming-Soon.

I want a magic solution to all my problems preferably in a form of an anonymous donation of large amounts of money pretty please, I would strongly prefer to stay at home draw and scan images and write and create things and read and research and travel and once and for all never have to endure working for petty money and not being able to afford the doctor.

But until then... oh well. Is there another solution?