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The Church on Sunday

I went to the Church this Sunday.

No, really, I did. It was not a church, it was The Church of the only type you could find me in, a pub/club/restaurant in the city centre.

I have never gone inside before, I passed by it a number of times but never had an opportunity to go in. But since N. was flying out today and we wanted to have a coffee and a chat before, it seemed like a perfect spot, not far off O'Connell's street (and therefore not far from the bus to the airport) and had an outside sitting area and nice coffee.

We had a lovely chat with N. and then I hugged him goodbye and stayed behind to enjoy a little of me time with a glass of wine. It IS a great spot. The coffee and the wine are great. They cater for the football lovers inside where as outside is nice and quiet and the corner spot I chose gives me a plenty of chances to observe both people inside as passers by. There's a bar and a barbecue outside, too so you don't even need to wander to far to get your fix.

I think what I like the most is the fact that the original architecture remained greatly unchanged while it was updated with well thought-out interior design. Upon entering one is amazed with central wooden bar and dominating over it church organs. The place is very classy, that's for sure, but not in a way that would sacrifice the welcoming atmosphere. It's cosy in an expensive way, yet not over the top, and the staff is professional yet friendly. Whoever transformed this place had put a lot of thought into it.

Where the main bar is awe-inspiring, the bathrooms surprised me a little, as they are very modern and yet still playing into the architectural design - and that is rare. The original under-croft chambers that one can reach trough a maze of stairs and narrow passages have been transformed into a pleasurable and somewhat eclectic experience of it's own. At the bottom of a set of stairs the space extends to the right and to the left symmetrically, only to reveal a row of cubicles and tasteful central set of basins surrounded by mirrors. It felt strange to wash hands facing another person while being reflected from every angle and being able to see men washing their hands on their side as if they were just another reflection of us. Finding my way back to the beer garden was a journey that was only made somewhat easier by the directions signs on every corner - I guess they were put there for a reason...

I would probably stay longer if not that I was on my own and my finances are dwindling - while nice the place is somewhat expensive for my budget. Maybe next time.