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Superstitions, Ladybugs, and actual luck

I'm not a superstitious person by any stretch. I have my little rituals and bunch of strange beliefs but they are usually backed up by at least a little bit of science or research. I don't believe that walking under a ladder is unlucky - unless one collapses on your head as you do - and I don't believe that dropping a spoon will bring hungry visitors. I don't believe in a lot of things people have a tendency to believe in.

Somewhere a week ago I have been visited by a ladybug as I was sitting outside and browsing for a job. I found one and upon returning home I applied for it, not because of a ladybug but because it was suitable. They called me a few days later to arrange a phone interview. After an 30 minutes long phone interview that took place on Monday last, I was invited for a face to face interview on Thursday which lasted another hour. And I was positively impressed with the company and I would like to work for them, so I hope they will contact me somewhere early the coming week to tell me the feeling was mutual. It wasn't the best interview I have ever had, but I did my best to ensure my position in the company, the best I could muster at the time.

On Friday I had a lovely evening with E, chatting, eating lasagne, the works. I also bought Euro Millions ticket. On Saturday I went to the corner store to get a packet of ciggies and to find out that I won 10 euros. I never win anything and I did this time.

If I do get this job I will have no choice but to bend to the superstition: Ladybugs to bring luck.